Wine Tasting – Vineyard, Wine, Gastronomy Tour

The tour through the vineyards of Domaine Sigalas is a special experience. During the tour, participants learn about the history, tradition and the latest developments in the production of wine and all information on the particular characteristics of the Santorini “terroir”.
After the Vineyard Tour, participants have the opportunity to enjoy, in the specially designed tasting room, 10 different labels from Domaine Sigalas.
Domaine Sigalas’s Enologists and Sommeliers will show you, in the most comprehensive way, the magical world of Santorini wine presenting a seminar covering all areas of interest such as the varieties of grapes, vineyards and the production process of wine.
During the wine tasting, a presentation and a food matching of local products such as: Fava Beans, Cherry Tomato (fresh, sundried, tomato paste), Katsouni, White Eggplant, Zucchini, Capers and Caper leaves Pickled, Fresh Goat Cheese (Chloro) and Olives, as well as Cycladic cheese and Cured Meat, will take place.

Tip: A special glass of aged wine label SANTORINI PDO from the private cellar of Domaine Sigalas closes this unique wine and culinary experience.

2 hours

100 €/person (minimum cost 200 euros for 2 persons)
Maximum number of individuals: 8


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